Welcome Newcomer!
We are glad you are seeking the Lord.  That's the most important thing you can do.
The second thing is where do we go to find encouragement in the faith?
Where can we find a place to serve God's purposes here on earth?
We hope you will find your way to our church!  The best way to start is surf and click all over this website to see if there is anyone you know, to observe the different ministries and especially listen to a bunch of messages (click on HEAR THE MESSAGE) -all to see if the River's Edge is a good fit for you.
Check out our essential beliefs, and the the benefits of attending church according to recent studies. Click on Blink/SMASH our teen ministries which are a key component of the overall vision for the outreach of this church.
Even then you will have questions so feel free to email me by clicking contact us!  We are glad you are on this journey and know that when you seek Him you will find Him, including the local body He wants you to participate in.